Berg Middle School:  2022-2023 School Year

Click Here for the 5th - 8th Grade List

5th Grade School Supply List for 2022-2023

1    2-inch binder with zipper and shoulder strap

1    zipper pencil bag with 3 metal grommets

6    pocket folders - 3-hole punched

2    spiral notebooks – 70 page wide-ruled

2    composition notebooks (NOTE:  3 for students in Enhanced ELA)

48  WOODEN #2 pencils with erasers

1    large pink or white eraser

2    blue or black pens

1    set of inexpensive earbuds

1    24-count package colored pencils

1    highlighter

8    EXPO Brand dry erase markers, black only

1    glue stick

1    pair scissors

1    handheld pencil sharpener

*Materials will need to be replenished throughout the year as needed.

6th Grade School Supply List for 2022-2023

1    backpack (lockers are very small)

1    2-inch Trapper/Binder

1    pencil bag that fits in binder

36-48    pencils with erasers

2-3    blue or black ink pens

1    12-count package colored pencils (12 colors)

8    FINE tip EXPO dry erase markers

2    sets of earbuds (no headphones)

NOTE:  earbuds can be kept in Chromebook bags but headphones cannot

NOTE:  1 set of earbuds will be stored & labeled in Connect as a spare

5    folders with 3-ring holes

1    3-subject wide-ruled notebook

2    packages of wide-ruled notebook paper

1    composition notebook

2    glue sticks 

*Some supplies may need replenished at semester!

7th & 8th Grade School Supply List for 2022-2023

1    binder to hold all supplies

1    subject notebooks

1    3 ring folders

1    2-inch binder and a set of either 5 or 8 tab dividers

1    package loose leaf paper




      dry erase markers/eraser



ELA: 1-inch binder

Family Consumer Science (FCS) students: dedicated FCS folder

PE: After the first couple days of school, students need to bring PE clothes with them. Students will need shorts, t-shirt, gym shoes, socks, and deodorant.

Note:  Individual teachers may ask students to bring in other supplies for their class. Please talk to your students after the first day of school for additional supplies needed.