Contact Information 

Phone number to call and/or text:  641-791-9800
Email address:


The Newton Community School District has implemented a list of  contact points for students, staff and parents to report any information that may pose a safety threat.
Any student, staff or parent may contact school officials via phone, text or email.

How It Works

A student, staff member or parent can select 1 of the 3 communication options to notify school officials of a potential threat
Users are welcome to use all 3, but the user must create a separate phone call, text message and email in doing so.
This information will then be forwarded to the designated school officials to determine the next step or steps in the process. 
Phone Number:
Any student, staff member or parent can call the number above and report a potential threat. They will be asked to leave a voice mail. Please make sure to speak clearly and slowly so the system can record your message as accurately as possible.
Once the voice mail is saved, the system will automatically call a list of school officials and deliver the voice mail message.
Text Message
Any student, staff member or parent can send a text message to the number above and report a potential threat. Please make sure to type your message using full words to ensure the most accurate message reaches school officials.
Once the text message is sent, it is sent to a list of school officials who will receive the text message within a few seconds.

Send an Email via our online form
By clicking on the link below, any person can use our online form to submit a message that will arrive instantly via email to our designated school officials.
To protect against cyber attacks, we will record the IP Address, Date & Time of the sent message.

Access the online form