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800 E 4th St S
Newton, IA 50208


Counseling Office

The school counseling department exists to help students adjust

to new school experiences and to help students make the best of

educational opportunities. Any problems, whether school

problems or personal problems, may be discussed with the

guidance counselors.

As a student progresses through senior high school, a school

counselor will help each individual to choose the subjects which fit

his/her individual needs. During these years, plans for the future

start taking shape. To help with the many decisions a student

must make, the counseling department is well supplied with

information about colleges and trade schools and about jobs in

hundreds of different fields. Each student is encouraged to

become acquainted with the counselors early and to use the

guidance services often. Appointments may be made by

contacting the counseling office. Students are assigned

counselors by the first letter of their last name:

A-G Shelly Fitzgerald

H-N Jessica Lavely

O-Z Cassia Nolin

Success Phil Calvin

Newton Senior High School Academic Planning Handbook (2023-2024)

Newton Senior High School Academic Planning Handbook (2022-2023)

Senior Year Checklist - Class of 2024

Shelly Fitzgerald

Shelly Fitzgerald
School Counselor - School Counselor

  Newton High SchoolWEST Academy

Abby Lamont

Abby Lamont
Administration - School Secretary

  Newton High School

Cassia Nolin

Cassia Nolin
School Counselor - School Counselor

  Newton High School

Donna Plumb

Donna Plumb
Administration - School Counselor Secretary

  Newton High School

Jessica Lavely

Jessica Lavely
School Counselor - School Counselor

  Newton High School

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Whether you’re raising a family, starting a business or building a home — you’ll want to get to know Newton. Our community vision statement is “Newton Shines Bright: Newton is a progressive, family friendly community, a shining star of Central Iowa, and a place to call home.”

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