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Berg Elementary Parent FAQ
Q: What time does school start and end?
A: School begins at 8:00 and the tardy bell rings at 8:10. School dismisses at 3:05 every day, except for Wednesdays when we dismiss at 2:05.
Q: What time is breakfast served?
A: Students may eat breakfast between 7:45-8:10.
Q: What time is lunch?
A: TK and Kindergarten students eat from approximately 11:30-12:00,
1st grade from 10:55-11:25
2nd grade from 12:05-12:25
3rd grade from 12:30-12:50
Q: Are parents, guardians, and relatives allowed to eat with students?
A: Yes, adults are more than welcome to eat with students! You do not need to call ahead, just pay the kitchen as you go through the line. Adult lunch prices are ______
Q: Why does Berg follow a 6-day schedule?
A: Since school dismisses early on Wednesdays, we need to follow a 6 day rotation cycle to allow “special” classes (art, music, PE, library, and guidance) to have the same amount of time with each class over the course of the 6 days. We start on cycle day 1 and repeat every 6 days.
Q: Since Berg follows a 6-day schedule for special classes, what happens if there is a
snow day or other school cancellation?
A: Cycle days are never skipped and only counted when school is held. For example: school was not held on December 5, cycle day 2 due to inclement weather and school resumed on December 6. December 6 then becomes cycle day 2, December 7 cycle day 3, etc.
Q: My child is having a birthday party and I’d like to pass out invitations at school. Is this
A: To ensure that no one feels excluded, invitations may only be given out at school if all students in your child’s classroom are invited.
Q: I would like to visit with my child’s teacher. What’s the best way to contact him/her?
A: We value parent communication. Feel free to call or email your child’s teacher
anytime. He/she will respond to you as quickly as possible. You are also welcome to stop by before or after school to speak with your child’s teacher.
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