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Everyone has to start somewhere! Check out Jimmy Fallon's first job or Ashton Kutcher's thoughts on his early employment opportunities. 


 Youth Media Advisory Council is looking for a student to help their nonprofit organization create exciting media projects that help prevent violence in the area. Contact Austin McKenney at austinm@stopdvsa.org or 641-670-1436. 

Van Maanen Electric is seeking a high school student interested in washing equipment and vehicles at their shop. The job would require 3-4 evenings a week for a few hours along with some Saturdays. Contact Dillon Wright at 641-791-9473 for more information.

Maytag Dairy Farms:
hiring part-time positions.  
 3:45-7:30pm Mon-Fri  
 Saturday 7-11AM
Apply at: 2282 E 8th St. N Newton, IA 50208


The Iowa Senate, House of Representatives, and Legislative Services Agency invite Iowa high school juniors and seniors to apply for Page positions for the 2018 session of the Iowa General Assembly. Serving as a legislative page is a great opportunity for students.

Included in this email is a link https://www.legis.iowa.gov/careers/apply?pid=57 to the online application. The application forms can be completed by students and downloaded for signing, https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/careers/positions/D564415D-63D1-464E-A287-4F727447FE4B.pdf.

District Office | 1302 First Avenue West | Newton, Iowa 50208 | Phone: 641.792.5809 | Fax: 641.792.9159