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1. How many credits are possible?
A full schedule at NHS allows for possibility of 16 credits.
2. I've heard some students earn more, is that true?
Band students who participate all year earn an extra half-credit due to time outside the classroom. Also, as students become upperclassmen, college courses outside the school day can make it possible to earn more.
3. So what if I sign up for only 14 credits?
The "Open" periods become study halls for 9-11 graders. So if you would like your student to have a study hall each semester, request only 14 credits.
4. Is there a minimum of credits a student can take?
Yes - students in grades 9-11 must enroll for at least 13 credits. Seniors may enroll for only 10 if it is sufficient for graduation.
5. What is up with this block thing anyway?
The block schedule allows for 90-minute courses. In some cases, this allows for much more hands-on instruction. For example,science labs can be completed without a constant setting up and taking down required in a 43-minute period. Most application courses are 90 minutes long.
6. This schedule thing is tricky, how do I know if I did it right?
Well, first, you're right. It is tricky. The high school does several things to reduce the trickiness. On the web site, you will find a page on the block schedule with a sample schedule built from a typical freshman's requests. Second, come see us at eighth-grade night. This is usually in February during the time we will be visiting the students at Berg. During eighth grade night, we have a discussion on the block schedule and how it works. Third, we visit the middle school and describe the process to the students two weeks before the requests are due. Then we review those requests with the students in small groups at Berg in late February or early March to make sure "they are right". Finally, counselors will meet with families which feel a more one-on-one approach is desirable. Just call or e-mail to arrange the meeting.
7. What if a student changes his/her mind after registering the requests?
No problem, contact Berg's counselors who will notify the high school, or contact your high school counselor directly.
8. What is a student wants a certain teacher?
There is no way to request a teacher during the registration process. However, if the final schedule allows for it, the student is free to contact his/her counselor to see if it can happen.
9. What if a student wants his/her study hall at a specific time?
Again, there is no way to request a specific study hall period during the registration. However, if the final schedule allows for it, the student is again free to contact his/her counselor to see if it can happen.
10. So when does the schedule come out?
At many schools, the schedule is not available until the students return to school in the fall. However, we attempt to have the student schedules in their hands by the last week of May.
11. Any advice for someone who is unsure where to start this process?
Yes, don't sweat the core classes when you make the plan. Math, English, and Science courses are determined by assessment scores and teacher recommendations. Global Studies is required. PE is required. That is 8-9 credits right there. That leaves only a few questions for the student:
a. Do I want to take Health as a freshman?
b. Do I want to take Spanish or French? (Four-year colleges generally expect students to have two years of the same foreign language. If the student is in English I, both Spanish I and French I are open to freshmen.)
c. What electives do I want to take to explore my potentials and interests?
12. That wasn't so bad, was it?
Nah... it's kinda like moving into a new house. You knew where everything was and went in the old house and wonder if you will find everything okay in the new house. Then, two weeks later you can't believe you worried about it so much.
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