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College Entrance Exams
ACT Test Registration The ACT is a test four year colleges look at to predict success in college. Students can begin taking the ACT during freshman year, but many students wait until junior year to take it. ACT Test Prep can be found here. ZAPS Seminars are also held at least once a year for NHS juniors and more information can be found hereIf you are unable to attend a ZAPS workshop or would prefer an online solution, Method Test Prep offers online courses here. Newton High School offers the ACT in October, February, and April. Students must register online. If students are in need of a fee waiver, they should contact their counselor to pick up a code to enter online.
SAT Test Registration The SAT is also a college success predictor but has a different test structure than the ACT. SAT Test Prep can be found here.
Newton High School does not offer the SAT and few students in the Midwest take this test.
Not sure if you should take the ACT or the SAT for four year college admissions?
Check out the difference.
Headed to a community college? Take the COMPASS test. Students can find COMPASS test prep here. If you have decided on a community college but have already taken the ACT, contact your college's admissions office to determine if your ACT scores can replace COMPASS scores.
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