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Top Five Items College Admissions Offices Consider
1. A challenging high school curriculum... They would like to see a variety of challenging core courses each year, but good grades should accompany those challenging courses.
2. Grades that show strong effort and an upward trent... grades should get better each year rather than worse.
3. Solid scores on the ACT or SAT... however, great scores on the ACT or SAT do not make up for poor grades.
4. Deep involvement in a few extracurricular activities... depth not breadth is important here. They would rather see leadership, initiative, passion, and impact within a limited number of activities rather than an extensive list of activities that were merely participated in.
5. Meaningful use of your free time... volunteer experience, part time jobs, summer activities, etc. These things all show a peek into your interests, level of responsibility, time management skills, and dedication. 

Considering ISU, UNI, or U of Iowa?

Students from Iowa high schools planning to begin their studies in fall 2009 or later must have a Regent Admission Index score of at least 245 and take the minimum number of required high school courses to qualify for automatic admission to Iowa State University, the University of Northern Iowa, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at The University of Iowa. Students who achieve a score less than 245 will be considered for admission on an individual basis.

The index combines four factors that strongly predict success at regent universities: ACT or SAT test score, high school rank, high school cumulative grade-point average, and the number of completed high school core courses.


Regent Admission Index Formula

(2 x ACT composite score)
(1 x high school rank)
(20 x high school grade-point average)
(5 x number of high school courses completed in the core subject areas)

To calculate your RAI, go to http://www.regents.iowa.gov/RAI/.
To view the RAI approved courses offered at NHS and how they count into your Regent Admission Index, view this chart.
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