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Concert Letter to Parents

May 4th Concert Song Practice Links
Fireflies, Hotaru Koi (Replaces Come Round Right)
This Land is Your Land (Parts are now assigned on the site: WW: Verse2: Alex G, Penelope, Olivia W; Verse3: Cade, Rylinn H, Rylee T; TJ: Verse4: Ryleigh S, Zoey H, Paige B; Verse5: Jeralys, Gabby G, Trenton F (from WW)
Trios for This Land is Your Land: Alex G., Rylinn H., Trenton F., Penelope N, Rylee T, Olivia W., Cade B. It was very hard to choose, and in some cases I had to put names in a hat!
Dear Parents,
We have successfully completed our 4th grade recorder unit. We have worked on all of the necessary notes in order to learn and practice Vivaldi's Spring for our May 4th concert. In order to save paper, and because students are more successful when they can listen and play along, all of the music and information is online. If you do not have internet access, please email or call Mrs. Harris and I would happy to provide your child with copied materials. We will have tryouts in April and I will accept all students who are able to play one of the two parts found below to perform in the concert. The purpose of this exercise is to intrinsically motivate students to continue learning and playing their recorders throughout the year, just as they would be expected to do with their band instruments as 5th graders. I will also be providing other practice links below for interested students.
Thank you,
Mrs. Harris (harrisj@newton.k12.ia.us & 641-792-2498 X1535) 
Fingering Charts:
Play and Listen Links:
For Printing:
How to play High E:
  • Cover the first 3 holes with the fingers on your left hand
  • Cover the next 2 holes with the fingers on your right hand
  • Cover the back thumb hole ONLY half way with your left hand

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